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From The RTO Mentor & Business coach Couch 

RTO Set Up and RTO Business Coach

Speaking for our sector

It is my belief that skills-based training should be given a higher funding priority, to turbocharge its development to catch up with the current needs of industry. 

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RTO Consultant RTO Mentor

Are you frustrated just like me?

The industry is changing rapidly, some would complain and argue about it, others are grateful of the changes. The fact is we need to be on a continuous learning journey. All of us, VET consultants as well.

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RTO health RTO Mentor

Your health is pivotal to your own business

As an RTO owner you know only too well that your health impacts the business, the people, and operations. People say one of the hardest things you can do is run your own business. There is no time to get sick. Here are tips that you can implement immediately to support you and your team.

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