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Don’t risk your RTO registration

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has released a list of five points of awareness for all registered training organisations (RTOs) to be aware of in order to maintain registration. This is a great tool for planning the basics of RTO registration.

The key points they bring to our attention keep to maintain key obligations this year are as follows:

RTO Mentor
Communication is key

Ensure they can contact you with correct contact details

ASQA recommended that RTOs check the key aspects of contact which are often overlooked, such as the email address of the CEO, or the registration email. Personally we have also found that this area is often overlooked, and often need to bring it to the attention of RTO personnel.  

ASQA also recommended that adding a mobile contact number was an important step in staying in touch, adding that text message reminders for important matters for RTOs are sometimes sent.

Make sure you are aware of your registration expiry dates

Don’t risk your registration—submit your renewal application at least 90 days before the end of your registration period. Each RTO must apply for registration renewal, and pay the application lodgement fee, 90 days in advance of expiry, ASQA said.

If you do not submit your renewal application and pay the applicable fees before the 90-day deadline, in most cases ASQA will not allow you to submit a late application.

Key data collections and requirements

ASQA outlined three key data collections each year:

  • Total VET Activity AVETMISS data, even if no training was provided – due 28 February 2019
  • Annual declaration on compliance – due 31 March 2019
  • Quality indicator data – due 30 June 2019.

Annual registration charge

ASQA invoices are sent to providers for their annual registration charge in July each year. Once received, RTOs have 30 days to make payment. More information is available here.

Key dates checklist

ASQA has provided a printable checklist to ensure RTO providers can stay current with key 2019 dates. View the checklist here.

Meeting trainer and assessor requirements

Empower Your Trainers & Assessors

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