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RTO Checklist

If you've been looking for more then just a simple check sheet, we've got you covered. This document is based on the needs for compliance against the RTO Standards, and building a successful business model.
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RTO Business Plan

Template for you to commence work on your RTO and its planning straight away. 

Ideas for your RTO, for a sustainable business. Use the template for Initial registration and continuous business planning.  

RTO set-up using The RTO Success method

  • Are you looking to set up an RTO?
  • Do you want a step-by-step guide of how to meet the RTO Standards? 
  • Are you looking for tools to support your compliance success? 

We have an online course that provides exactly that. It is packed full of modules on how to meet compliance. 

📽 Videos showing actual examples to provide clarity.

🤼 Reflect tools and needs with Merinda (5 x 1 hour sessions via zoom)

🌟 Apply actions from workbooks on how to meet compliance

⭐Gather data, complete forms, prepare your systems the right way.

Lets face it RTO compliance is hard. It is a mine field of trying to understand the compliance, the current focus of the auditors, and how to present your training, your assessments and everything supporting your RTO so that you get your registration.   

Yet when you have step-by-step guidance – that takes all the worry out. Your pathway is clearer, and supported.  

Ensuring you are completing everything to meet compliance that is needed for your registration. 


If you are passionate about your training and want to share with others, and know that an RTO is the answer to your success, the The RTO SUCCESS is here for you. 



  • RTO Success ONLINE COURSE + RTO Systems (Bundle
  • both available in a payment plan option 

Tools, templates, policies; all for your RTO….

Save time by having all the foundations for your RTO pre-written. Use our templates to create effective RTO compliance systems that drive consistent results and outcomes for your RTO business.

Pre-written materials containing all the required policies, procedures, forms and registers to set up the foundation of your RTO. Whilst the materials are pre-written they still need you to make them your own by placing statements about your intended RTO, your logo and name placed into them.


Download Your Policies and Procedures Manual Now!

Your receive: Quality (policies and procedures), Human Resources, Trainer And Student Manuals These manuals are the back bone of the RTO business. The Quality manual is complete with policies and procedures that meet all the Standards. The Student manual is information that needs to be advised to a student before they enrol with your RTO, and the HR and Trainer manuals support your staffing solutions for the ability to run an  RTO.

Templates Templates for developing assessments, mapping, decision making on assessments, assessment validation, developing training strategies, training specific for clients, recruiting staff, inducting staff, safety, developing training, managing your RTO and many more.   Everything meets the requirements for ASQA and you’ll discover there is actually more  then you may need, however I want you to have the systems, forms etc. available to you when your business expands.

Apply all aspects of your course marketing, customer service, student support, and more. Save time using prewritten Word Templates.

RTO Third Party Support Pack

Tools to ensure any Third Party arrangement is compliant….

The RTO Third Party Policy document ensures that the RTO has in place all contractual requirements. The pack enables RTOs to have a systematic approach to developing third-party relationships. 

It is an explicit requirement of the Standards for RTOs 2015 that you notify ASQA within 30 days of entering a written agreement with another organisation for the delivery of services—including training, assessment, related educational and support services and/or any activities related to the recruitment of prospective learners—on your RTO’s behalf.

The RTO Third Party Pack has been designed to assit RTOs in identifying all contractual requirements to enable you to implement correct and mutually rewarding third party arrangements.

If you are considering setting up an RTO….

This FREE checklist provides some valuable information.

We have something special for you, some tips, and some videos. All available to you to help you with your research into setting up an RTO.

You need to be prepared to start your RTO with the right consultant. Here you will learn more about Merinda and a couple of the ways she can support you.

Click here to find out more.  


RTO Consultant RTO Mentor

Book a consultation with Merinda

You have 1 hour discuss your RTO and find solutions with Merinda’s guidance. Learn from her wealth of experience having worked with hundreds of RTOs across Australia. 

RTO Business Coach

5 RTO ideas to do right now

Normally I would ask for a breakdown of the next 90 days, yet at this point in time, I think that is too far ahead. 90 days can overwhelm you, so let’s break it down, and commence with 30 days.

So set a plan for what you wish to accomplish within the business, and for you.

💜💜 Purpose – know your why for doing what you intend – have a number 1 goal.

💜💜 Plan – plan your actions, remove the panic. Be clear on what it is to move forward.

💜💜 Passion – have passion, drive or energy. Be energised to conquer the way forward.

Focus on what’s your #1 goal for the next 30 days. Personally and professionally.

Here are 5 more things to help you along the way to your RTO success:

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