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The RTO Success Method

An online course that gets you across initial RTO registration….

  • Are you looking to set-up an RTO, yet you are just not sure what to do, and when?
  • Are you looking for step-by-step guidance on what the Standards actually mean?
  • Are you looking to get through get audit with zero non-compliances?

SAVE TIME & money with RTO Success

If you are a quiet achiever and you know you can get stuff done. And you’re motivated to work autonomously, and don’t mind about interacting with others, this course is for you.

I’m suspecting you are driven by goals, and maybe your favourite quote is something like, “The best way to do it, is do it now” 

Or maybe you have a number of balls in the air and your RTO set-up is just another to add to your routine. Plus the ability to learn and apply in your own time is appealing.

RTO Success 24 x 7 

Available online. Downloadable resources: includes learning manuals such as eBooks, checklists, templates, worksheets, and other resources

Reduce the risk

RTO compliance can be learned by anyone, yet if you try it alone, it takes significantly longer, and often the compliance needs of the RTO Standards are not simply explained. The extra time could mean you miss deadlines for funding, and risk losing thousands of dollars of application costs as well as your chance at obtaining RTO status.

You need an expert to help you through. Someone who has done it before, who knows what the requirements are, and who can explain it simply for you.

If you are looking for a way to change your life, to start your own business, and become registered as an RTO, and an online course suits your needs, then we are here to help. 

Option to take up the VIP offering of connecting with Merinda so she can share her valuable time and expertise directly with you!

Payment Plan available

Tools, templates, policies; all for your RTO….

Save time by having all the foundations for your RTO pre-written. Use our templates to create effective RTO compliance systems that drive consistent results and outcomes for your RTO business.

Pre-written materials containing all the required policies, procedures, forms and registers to set up the foundation of your RTO. Whilst the materials are pre-written they still need you to make them your own by placing statements about your intended RTO, your logo and name placed into them.


Download Your Policies and Procedures Manual Now!

Your receive: Quality (policies and procedures), Human Resources, Trainer And Student Manuals These manuals are the back bone of the RTO business. The Quality manual is complete with policies and procedures that meet all the Standards. The Student manual is information that needs to be advised to a student before they enrol with your RTO, and the HR and Trainer manuals support your staffing solutions for the ability to run an  RTO.

Templates Templates for developing assessments, mapping, decision making on assessments, assessment validation, developing training strategies, training specific for clients, recruiting staff, inducting staff, safety, developing training, managing your RTO and many more.   Everything meets the requirements for ASQA and you’ll discover there is actually more  then you may need, however I want you to have the systems, forms etc. available to you when your business expands.

Apply all aspects of your course marketing, customer service, student support, and more. Save time using prewritten Word Templates.

RTO Third Party Support Pack

Tools to ensure any Third Party arrangement is compliant….

The RTO Third Party Policy document ensures that the RTO has in place all contractual requirements. The pack enables RTOs to have a systematic approach to developing third-party relationships. 

It is an explicit requirement of the Standards for RTOs 2015 that you notify ASQA within 30 days of entering a written agreement with another organisation for the delivery of services—including training, assessment, related educational and support services and/or any activities related to the recruitment of prospective learners—on your RTO’s behalf.

The RTO Third Party Pack has been designed to assit RTOs in identifying all contractual requirements to enable you to implement correct and mutually rewarding third party arrangements.

Training & Assessor Membership Plan

The #1 fear of any learner is looking foolish in front of others…

…and most trainers UNCONSCIOUSLY trigger this fear every day.

We are supporting our trainers and assessors who wish to work in, or who do work in Australian Registered Training Organisations.

By collecting the wisdom and expertise from people around the world, we at RTO Mentor have set out to identify the elite, and have them share their journey, so more can benefit. By collaborating and learning with us all, you are growing, as well as accumulating professional development for your RTO.

Monthly membership, and access to everything. 

  • Online learning vault
  • Monthly Peer sharing and coaching
  • Blogs
  • Special discounts for purchases
  • RTO compliance tips 
  • Support tools for trainers & assessors 
  • Mindfulness

Do you know why most trainers leave the profession?

Because they feel drained and don’t enjoy THEMSELVES.

We want trainers to “fall in love” with the training and to experience fewer discipline problems in their rooms.


Are you considering setting up an RTO?

Setting up an RTO starts with planning. The foundation of a successful RTO service is really understanding the demographics that the service appeals to. Who are the people you will attract into your RTO? Where do they live, who do they interact with; are they old, young, men, women; do they enjoy certain activities?

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RTO Business Coach RTO setup mentor

RTO industry consultation made easy

It’s not just the TAS that needs to reflect the RTO Industry consultation.
RTOs also need to have their resources for training and assessment validated through consultation with industry.

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How Setting up an RTO Is Like A Game Of Footy

To win the game, you need to analyse your opposition, know the rules of the game, and develop a strategy to win the contest. The same principles apply in setting up your RTO business.

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RTO Business Coach

Simple 1% improvements for your RTO success

When it comes to streamlining work and reducing waste in a business, the continuous improvement business strategy is lauded for its effectiveness. So I’ve put together some ideas for you to consider how it can be applied to your business.

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RTO Business Coach

How to Handle Difficult Conversations in your RTO Business with Grace

Managing an RTO business comes with many areas of expertise; you’ve got staffing, business strategy and compliance to be concerned about. All of these aspects involve the need to communicate.

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7 ways to have your RTO Employees Perform to your standards

Running an efficient training organisation means providing quality training and assessment as well as handling employee issues when they surface. And when we look at it, managing employees can be one of the most difficult aspects of running your RTO.

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