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Speaking for our sector

Andrew Laming speaks for the sector in August 2019. Whether it was this, or many other people who helped with getting a reform happening. There are so many reasons why the model was clunky and got to where is was in 2019.  

As the Prime Minister continues his challenge of reforming the Australian federation, vocational education is an excellent place to start. It is my belief that skills-based training should be given a higher funding priority, to turbocharge its development to catch up with the current needs of industry. 

In May 2020 The Prime Minister in his recent address to the National Press Club criticised the current vocational education system as “clunky and unresponsive to skills demand”. He identified this sector and a renewed focus on technical skills, as a key plank in the government’s new JobMakerplan to drive a post-pandemic jobs recovery.

Let’s hope that reshaping and delivering a world-class vocational education system in Australia is a priority.

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