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RTO Set Up and Registration Consulting Services

If you are looking to become an RTO and are seeking expert advice and guidance in regards to compliance we can help.

We provide a strutured approach so you can apply the process over and over gaining bigger and better results. Our RTO Consultants work with you to understand your business needs to ensure compliance is met.


How we work

We only do RTOs.

Yep – we don’t touch CRICOS or have additional IT such as Databases or an LMS. We know about these areas  yet we just do RTOs – all day, every day (… and we actually love it). 


We’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to be an RTO compliance expert – that’s our job to help you to be one. To be someone who really has a handle on the requirements. From creating the perfect strategy for your training to preparing all the supporting evidence, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.


Regular Online connection.

We don’t do regular office sessions, we do them online. This means you can be based anywhere around Australia. We work with you. Weekly review of documents, online face to face sessions plus access to all the online training to set up and RTO.



We support you and your journey to set-up your RTO.

If you are looking for someone to guide through the complexities of the initial registration process for your own RTO then speak to RTO Mentor. RTO Mentor has worked with many people who have passed their audit with 100% compliance first up.


Next steps.

When you’re ready, simply click the button below and begin the application process. We’ll review your answers & come back to you with a plan of action. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lets look at the 3 Biggest Problems Faced by people considering setting up an RTO….

Merinda explains the real costs, timeframe and what you MUST know. Click the button below to download the content. 

RTO Mentoring and Strong Support

With RTO Mentor you have strong from people who have experience and know-how, to enable you to make better choices. We love helping people grow, whether it is with marketing so that you can find more students, create more training and make more money… or whether we are showing someone how to simplify their training systems so they actually work for your business, and help you to implement them daily so you pass audits.

Have a question? 

How much does it cost to register an RTO?

There are many factors to consider, including the size of the operation you wish to build. Consider the following factors:

  • Course material
  • Consulting fees
  • Accounting fees
  • Your time
  • Premises (including any fit out costs) 
  • Equipment for delivery and assessment (including training aids)
  • Student management systems 
  • Online learning solutions
  • Trainers / Assessors & recruitment costs 
  • Application fee 

Please take advantage of our complimentary 30 minute RTO Setup session so we can provide an accurate quote on our consulting fees to suit your needs. 

How long does it take to register an RTO?

Firstly you need to have the Training and Assessment Strategy, All of your Training and Assessment material, your systems to run the business, your staff files ready and the business plan. This can sometimes take 3-5 months, depending on the training you wish to conduct. This is where we help you, so that you can submit the online application. From that point you could be looking at 6-9 months before gaining RTO status.

How much cash do I need to have in the bank?

The Regulators (ASQA and TAC) do not set an amount of cash that an RTO is required to hold when commencing. What you do need to do is demonstrate that your company meets the financial viability requirements. This document allows you to show how your operation will be a sustainable business. Therefore it is expected that you have sufficient funds to operate the business and cover costs.

Do I need to have a premises?

You need to demonstrate that you have access to all required resources and equipment to deliver and assess any qualification you are applying for. Your show in your documented strategy how you will do this. The premises you use to deliver training could be online, hired facilities, workplace facilities or you may have your own. Whichever you decide, you need to show you have access at the time of application.  

What others say...

Made it so much easier for me as I now know what is required

I had just recently been introduced to the world of training and assessing when I was tasked to set up our RTO. I only understood the very basics of assessing students and knew nothing about RTO systems and management. Merinda took me through the whole process giving me an abundance of knowledge regarding quality, compliance, requirements, AVETMISS data, policies and procedures, training packages, units of competency, validation and much more. She has made it so much easier for me as I now know what is required for quality training and assessment and also how to keep an RTO compliant which I will have no issues doing now. I have learned so much in the last few months, things I would never have learned if I didn’t have someone like Merinda guiding me through it. Understanding and implementing RTO systems and compliance requirements is a huge job on its own but now I have the confidence of not only understanding what I’m doing but I know I am doing it right. Dean Richter; Wormall Civil

Merinda is supportive and encouraging

“Merinda is supportive and encouraging, displaying a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. She draws upon considerable experience working for and consulting to RTOs, and willingly shares her experience with her clients whilst always maintaining appropriate confidentiality. I recommend Merinda to others seeking quality information.” Following the annual internal audits, this RTO passed their Re-registration audit straight away. Jeremy (ASQA RTO) National RTO – ASQA

Very approachable and found her consultations were very usefu

I was looking for an RTO consultant and found RTO Mentor. Merinda was very approachable and found her consultations were very useful and I gained a lot of knowledge from her. I passed audit following her visits. Thanks Belinda (ASQA RTO)

Well-informed and educated

Our experience working with RTO Mentor was positive, Merinda was well-informed and educated in the VET industry, any updates and developments. Merinda was very thorough when reviewing our policies and procedures, and the material we offered. She offered great advice and pointed us in the right direction towards maintaining compliance. We passed our audit following her visits. Jennifer – RTO Compliance

WA based RTO – Highrisk work

When I met Merinda my RTO was in strife as my RTO Officer had decided to walk away from the industry as it was too difficult to work with the training regulator and Worksafe together. Merinda Smith came to my aid and not only assisted us in passing audit 30 days later, but to completely re-build my RTO from scratch. At my last audit Merinda’s attention to detail, enthusiasm, and due diligence once again shown through. We not only were well prepared and complete we also had an enjoyable audit with both sides happy which is not what I am use to when audit time has come in the past. Merinda thank you you’re a genius.

It’s a pleasure dealing with RTO Mentor

Setting up a fully-compliant best-practice RTO is not an easy undertaking – and as a remote, Indigenous-focused RTO we were expecting our first audit to be a complicated process. Luckily we were refereed to Merinda Smith and RTO Mentor, and thanks to her efforts our first year audit was entirely without any queries. We even received compliments from the Auditor about our process that are a fantastic endorsement to Merinda’s work, especially as we had added new certificates to our scope just weeks before the audit. We highly recommend Merinda Smith and RTO Mentor as the way forward for small RTOs – for her solution-focussed positive approach and the wide range of compliance and process skills she has to offer. Overall, it’s a pleasure dealing with RTO Mentor and we appreciate how much time and effort we have saved by getting things right the first time. John Vos, Remote Regional RTO

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