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RTO Internal Audit | RTO Compliance Audits

RTO Mentor provides a range of RTO internal audit compliance services to Australian RTOs to help you prepare for and pass your next regulatory audit. We want to help you find any weak points before the regulator auditors do. Internal audits can be once off, or regular internal compliance audits to maintain your ongoing RTO compliance, or have an experienced RTO consultant on site during your audit to help you through the audit process. It doesn’t matter if you are registered under ASQA or TAC WA, the audits are against the Standards for RTOs 2015. Do you have a pending re-registration audit and not sure if you are compliant?

  • Are you on top of your game, yet wish to have an independent eye look over your RTO?
  • Do you need a “practice run” audit to familiarise yourself and your team with the audit process, before the real thing?
  • Has it been a while since you reviewed your organisation against the standards?

An RTO internal Audit is what you require. It is core to our function, and should be core to yours. An internal audit is a valuable insight and tool to provide you with details of where you are not meeting the mark, and guidelines on how to meet compliance. An independent internal audit will ensure your RTO remains fully compliant and you can show continuous improvement.  RTO Mentor provides audit compliance solutions to assist you with your RTO business. They have years of experience, and auditing qualifications that can save you much anguish of when the Regulator auditor arrives. It isn’t just about managing compliance it is about improving your business systems and therefore your compliance.

Work directly with one of our team on your RTO compliance.
Internal Audit RTO Mentor

RTO Internal Audit – How RTO Mentor can help

We help training businesses to meet compliance, time and time again through conducting internal audits and providing solutions just for you. At RTO Mentor we know we’re good at what we do. Clients pass Regulatory audits following our visits and they love the way we present information for them to follow. That is what makes us stand out from the crowd of RTO consultants. For many we have become a trusted solution. We have a team of highly skilled auditors who can help your organisation find better solutions and improve your existing processes. RTO Mentor can assist your business with:

  • Reviewing current RTO processes – an audit to help you identify areas of weakness and inefficiencies in your business.
  • Full Regulatory audits
  • Single process audits such as assessment / validation
  • Remote Internal RTO Compliance Audit
  • Improvement training for staff – professional development / validation sessions

  Full regulatory internal audit The audit is conducted against the Standards your RTO operates under.  It happens over 3 days, with one being in your office. We identify two training products and two units to be audited. The Audit includes: 

  • Pre-preparation off site– review of training and assessment strategies, your website and other marketing tools available such as social media, review of assessment tools and student information.
  • On site– one day. Whilst much of the review work has been done there are often many questions to ask, and suggestions to make. We look at your business, your students, talk to trainers (if available) and discuss business improvement processes.  The audit is conducted to meet the regulator’s standards. This is your opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of an experienced auditor.
  • Comprehensive audit report, including all findings against the Standards.
  • Recommended Action plan. Following the audit the next important step is to have an action plan. A comprehensive list of actions to meet non-compliances and opportunities for improvement is developed and presented within the next few days of the audit.

Remote Internal RTO Compliance Audit

Sometimes it is not possible to have someone visit your site. A remote internal compliance audit of your Registered Training Organisation’s systems and processes can still be conducted. RTO Mentors experienced RTO audit team will assist your team to gather evidence, to review your systems and processes against the Standards for RTOs. Depending on the focus of the audit it could include policies and procedures, student information, website review, compliance documents, trainer profiles and training and assessment strategies and tools. Once the internal RTO audit is completed you will receive an audit report with the findings of your audit, plus an action list of recommended rectifications. Your RTO consultant will meet with you (via skype or other internet based system) to explain the audit report findings, and discuss any non-compliance found and possible rectification strategies.   Single process audits Often an audit of a single process within your RTO is what you need. They can be remotely conducted or onsite. Single process audits are just that – looking at a snapshot of your RTO processes and auditing that. It could include any area of compliance such as:

  • assessment systems / validation
  • marketing
  • student support
  • trainers / assessors


Create a better RTO business by improving the processes

A key factor to success in business is developing and maintaining effective processes and standards. We can help your RTO business with improving current processes, and the implementation of new processes. Our team of specialised process experts can develop entire process programs and help your team implement them business wide.   In all of these solutions RTO Mentor can assist you with implementing the rectifications recommended in the audit report. If you are looking at setting up your own RTO and need guidance and mentoring of a experienced RTO Compliance Consultant, contact Merinda on 0439 544 105 or fill in the contact form below.    GET IN TOUCH

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