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I am an experienced RTO mentor & business coach and I believe that everyone, including you, have a gift to share… a message to get out to the world that can make a difference and create abundance for yourself and your family. My passion is to inspire ethical entrepreneurs to get their message out to the world in a bigger way. If you are also passionate about delivering training and having a quality RTO, then maybe I can help.

My focus is on teaching proven business systems to RTO entrepreneurs so that you can the business and life you have always dreamed of. Back in 2009 after managing national RTOs, I started as an RTO consultant to assist people just like you. Today I share my knowledge through mentoring and coaching so you can learn how to implement the systems to grow your business.

As a training professional  I believe in the value provided by client focused training businesses. I also believe in getting the systems right, so you can attract your ideal clients and deliver that training you are so passionate about. Working with people and their individual situations is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

You can also find more about my story here (my business coaching website).  

As an RTO Mentor & Business Coach, how can I help you?

If you are looking at setting up an RTO, I help people, just like you, to achieve the dream of their very own training organisation.

If you already have an RTO and are looking for a business coach and mentor for your RTO business, then maybe I can help you. I have years of experience in business development and know my way around compliance. 

So if you are thinking about seeking help with an RTO and would like to bring on an experienced RTO mentor or if you have some questions you would like answered, then let’s talk.

Book in for a 30 minute online strategy session below.

Online Strategy Session

I Offer A 30 Minute Strategy Session So That I Can Look At Your Business And Offer Solutions To Move You Forward. 

If You Would Like To Have One, Please BOOK a session using the button Below.

RTO Mentor has been instrumental in assisting me with all aspects of RTO compliance and the application process. I have found Merinda's knowledge to be extremely valuable and everything has been delivered methodically, efficiently and in easy to understand terms. I find that Merinda can point out any issues or downfalls along with a solution to address them in a way that improves the process and my knowledge. All in all, I've found working with RTO Mentor to be exceptionally easy, helpful and productive.
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