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Set up an RTO – magical explanations

When you intend to set up an RTO you are faced with many decisions. Often we find that these decisions require magical explainations. What do I mean by that? 

Well if you choose to work with a consultant you need to be able to understand each other. When someone doesn’t understand your problem they often need a large number of variables and factors to explain it.

Then you have the magical explainations, that turns a complex situation into something simple allowing you to see how the system works.

So, one of the first descisions you probably have to make is which consultancy to use, or if you can do it yourself. Finding the right consultant is crucial to the success of your RTO project. When conducting your research before making such a decision you need to interview people.

Which way should we go?

Then you need to decide who is best for you. Consider the following in your decision:

  • Does the consultant put the best interest of you, the client ahead of their own?
  • Are they easy to talk to, and have an ability to explain complicated scenarios simply? One clue that someone doesn’t understand a problem is that they need a large number of variables and factors to explain it.
  • Check the reviews of the business and ask your peers and your network if they know of their work.
  • A good consultant should have experience with RTOs. She or he may not know your specific industry, but you and your people know your industry well, don’t you? What the consultant brings to the table is experience in addressing the issues in setting up an RTO.
  • Have they shown the ability to be a creative problem solver? After all, you are hiring a consultant to help you solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.
  • How well does their solution fit? Talk through your needs as you see them. Ask them what solution they would propose. Can they articulate how the solution would address your needs better than other alternatives? Some consultants only recommend a one size fits all solution, even if it is not what you need.
  • Do they have interpersonal skills that you warm to? You both need to develop a trust-based relationship. One where you could be revealing the intimate details of your business.
  • How busy is the consultant? Can the consultant commit to finishing the RTO project in the time frame you want?
  • Is the consultant clear about their responsibilities? Ask them to articulate what their role will be and what specific tasks they will have to accomplish. The best way to determine this is to ask them to submit a proposed work plan or scope of works

Benefits of hiring an RTO consultant to set up an RTO

There are many reasons why people use RTO consultants, however the, main two are:

  1. To supplement staff time.

Hiring a consultant is particularly appropriate when the project is a once off – such up to set up an RTO.

  1. To supplement staff expertise.

Special skills and expertise is required to get through the audit, and these cannot be learned quickly or easily by staff.

Sometimes it all comes down to the personal attributes, if you can work together or not.

We know it is very important that we get along with our clients, so we also want to know about you. That’s why we provide a free 30 minute consultation prior to any decision being made. Call us to today to find out more. 

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