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RTO set up WA RTO Mentor

RTO Initial Registration result

What others say about working with RTO Mentor over the years. Words from people who achieved RTO Inital registration using RTO Mentor, who have had internal audits, and had coaching with Merinda. See them here.

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RTO Assessment RTO Mentor

Assessment Validation – is your RTO plan stacking up?

Assessment validation is a quality review process – one that is needed within your RTO. It involves a person or a team of people evaluating assessment tools and the ensuing student evidence.

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RTO Internal Audit RTO Mentor

An internal audit can do more than let you know your RTO is compliant

An internal audit can help guide you to understand the areas you are most at risk. Risk is very much the focus for all organisations nowadays and RTOs are not excluded. So how do you know if you are ticking all the right boxes and reducing your risk?

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RTO Consultant RTO Mentor

Complaints are not the worst thing that can happen in your RTO.

RTO complaints in your RTO are not the worst thing that can happen. Sometimes you could consider them as negative and unwelcome, and they certainly can create stress a bad feeling. Consider you complaints as an opportunity to put things right and learn for the future too. It is the way you look at them that counts.

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