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Training and Assessment Resources are key to our business, so why not make them key to yours. RTO Mentor has been managing RTOs and consulting for over 15 years. That experience means we are one of Australia’s leading consulting companies. We also have training materials that are quality and compliant every time!

Our experienced development team knows how to write compliant assessment tools to allow your students fully demonstrate evidence for the whole unit. We work closely with RTO partners to see what does, and doesn’t work in day-to-day training, and have a long history of experience taking our resources to audit.

Direct feedback from auditors has been rolled into improvements and updates for our current training and assessment resources. The current range of RTO materials and RTO training resources for sale includes many high-demand courses and training package resources.

All tools are fully editable so you can contextualise any of our resources.

For quality resources, experience matters

We have a team of instructional designers with training qualifications and substantial industry experience. They design assessment tools that can aid in the collection of knowledge and performance evidence relevant to each unit of competence.

Training and assessment resources contain:

  • learning materials to support training such as
    • PowerPoint
    • learner resource
  • assessment tools such as:
    • assessments, activities, questions and projects
    • observation report
    • third-party evidence collection tool
    • Judgement tool / evidence summary sheet
    • mapping and unit information

Our RTO training materials support training and assessment in:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Business
  • Small Business
  • WHS
  • Fire training
  • First Aid
  • Working at Heights
  • Whitecard
  • Confined Space

If your training is not listed, we can also develop new materials for you. Call today to find out how we can assist you. 

Training and Assessment Resources

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