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Training and Assessment

Training and assessment resources

Training and assessment resources are sometimes the biggest investment you will make within your RTO. They take time and often money to get them right. One of the main challenges in achieving quality assessment is designing an assessment process that suits the circumstances. In my experience a readymade off the shelf assessment product is not always suitable for your target market, or the workplaces they are in. The best assessment resources are developed by the RTO themselves. However for many reasons this is not always praticable, so commercials products are an easier solution. There is nothing wrong with this, however you must remember they are not perfect just because you paid allot of money for them. You still need to validate them. 

Validation of the pre-assessment resources is essential. 

When reviewing your resources then here is a list of what a student needs, and the video to follow provides even more information. 

The minimum assessment information that students need is:
  • information of the context and purpose of the assessment and the assessment process
  • clear instructions on what they need to do
  • information on time frames, forms they need to complete and who can sign a third party report (if applicable)
  • provision for feedback to the applicant about the outcomes of the assessment process
    • guidance on future options in relation to those outcomes
  • reassessment on appeal
  • RPL must be offered to all applicants on enrolment
  • All pre-assessment information should be included in the Unit Information document that is provided to each student at the beginning of the unit.
  1. For more tips on getting your Assessment right see the following video: 

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