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How Setting up an RTO Is Like A Game Of Footy

How Setting up an RTO Is Like A Game Of Footy

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It might seem an unlikely analogy, but when you think about it, setting up an RTO is like a game of footy. Bear with me, as I think it’s a great one.

When I say footy, I mean it in a collective sense for AFL, Soccer, Rugby League, even hockey, or any other ball game because the principles are the same. To win the game, you need to analyse your opposition, know the rules of the game, and develop a strategy to win the contest. The same principles apply in setting up your RTO business.

As is a game, an RTO is a structured business. This means that you must do two things: provide an orderly environment and make sure that the environment generates an income.

Analyse Your Opposition

Prior to any game, the coach spends time analysing the opposition. They look at their track record, research the players and find their strengths and weaknesses.  With that information, the coach develops ideas on how to minimise their strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Just like an RTO you need to research your opposition and talk to industry to understand their needs.

Can you imagine how successful any sporting team would be without this research?   The lesson for an RTO here is – don’t even think about submitting your RTO application without doing the groundwork or you are setting yourself up to get beaten.


Know the rules of the game

You wouldn’t just step onto the field and start playing footy. You need to know the rules, how to work within them, how they apply to your situation, and what to do when it seems there is a brick wall in front of you. Just like knowing the RTO Standards.

Mind you, just knowing the rules of a game doesn’t guarantee a win. All the rules requires judgment and finesse. And the payoff that comes from successfully applying them is what keeps us all going.


Develop the Strategy to win the contest

Now that you’ve analysed your opposition, you’ve learnt the rules, and established a rhythm to complete the project – you must develop the strategy to win the competition. How are you going to work with the rules for your situation?

How are you going to differentiate your products and give them the opportunity to stand out to your marketplace? By doing this you can own a piece of the market that nobody else does.


Establish a rhythm when setting up your RTO.

Just as in footy you need to embrace the grind, put in the hours to get fit, to know the players rules and to improve on your game. Simply put, you need to put in long hours to get the best possible result.

Just as important as effective rules is an intuitive sense of rhythm in a game. The rhythm of a good game, moreover, comes from a clear beginning, middle, and end. In a well-structured game, players can feel the shift occurring from one of these segments to the next. When setting up an RTO it is the same. Have goals, and know when you are at certain points. It helps with maintaining the confidence and motivation of your team.

Whatever gets in your way, make sure you keep your eye on the prize.

RTO Business owners are a special breed with a steely resolve. If they can just see this tough patch out and continue to grind out wins, finals will become a reality.

Don’t let these hurdles distract you from your ultimate RTO business goal. The best teams, don’t.

During these times, it’s important to have faith in your routines and structures. Stick to what makes your business successful and don’t waiver.

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RTO set Up Consultant RTO Mentor

How Setting up an RTO Is Like A Game Of Footy

To win the game, you need to analyse your opposition, know the rules of the game, and develop a strategy to win the contest. The same principles apply in setting up your RTO business.

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Is fear putting you off setting up your RTO?

Lets face it setting up your RTO is a huge commitment. Fear in starting the process to set up your RTO is normal. When everything is aligned some of us step right up get going straight away. There is excitement. Others like to think about it, and then think about it some more. That is OK too. There are times when we don’t feel right in the gut, or our heart is not really in it. So we stop. For those of us who are used to contacting parts of our body; heart, gut and head for information we know that these are normal situations, and ones that should be listened to. Sometimes though our excitement is over ridden by tension, or fear. Excitement Excitement gets the juices running, and motivation to do all the right work for your application and auditors visit. I can hear the excitement in peoples voices when we first connect. When we discuss setting up their RTO. They tell me about their dream, and we discuss ways to move forward. For me this is very rewarding hearing these people speak; I know from many years of experience that they have the motivation to keep going even if fear or tension come into their sights.  Fear Fear can shut you down, and stop your dreams. Your dreams of setting up your RTO can be huge. But the fear can put us into a freeze situation; where we stop everything, or a flight situation; where we run away from what we are doing. In both situations we are unable to find the courage to move forward with the RTO development. These people contact me, get some information, then decide it isn’t for them. I am blessed they took the initial step and made a decision. During the development phase when setting up the RTO fear is often present. It is fear that ensures compliance. “Do this,” the auditor/regulator/well-meaning friend threatens, “or you won’t pass your audit.” sometimes people start the process, and then find it all too hard, so they stop. The thing is, learning to build a business is difficult; especially setting up your RTO. If it was easy, you’d already know everything you need to know. And if you could do it on your own, you wouldn’t need the time or expense to do it with others. But when we try to learn something new on our own, we often get stuck. It’s not because of fear, it’s because of tension. Tension Tension is what we face when we get confused, or feel overwhelm, and it usually is when people stop and fail to continue. Tension however is great signal; it is the time when we’re about to cross a threshold. A threshold of knowledge break-through. The moment when we finally are getting what we need to know. If you continue at this point, then the information sticks. However many people stop before they get the breakthrough. They are missing a golden opportunity. Tension is the hallmark of a great educational experience. The tension of not quite knowing where we are in the process, not being sure of the final outcome, not having a guarantee that it’s about to happen. So we let fear take control. (remember freeze or flight?) As adults we willingly expose ourselves to the tension of a great circus act, or a football game or a thrilling movie. So why do we stop when it is about learning something new? Sure setting up your RTO is important, but we stop because we don’t wont to learn something new.   Has your RTO dream stopped? As someone who is setting up your own RTO and an adult learner you need to actively seek out this tension, because it works. It pushes us over the chasm to the other side. A trainer who builds that tension and get people to the other side, are special, and do it on purpose to see your gains. I’ve been working with people setting up their own RTO for over 9 years, and in that time have seen hundreds of people consider the dream, and maybe even start it. Some of them see the tension coming and eagerly dive in, asking for reflection, and feedback. Others mistake that tension for fear and back away, promising themselves that they’ll get back to it later. Tension pays off The ones who leapt are transformed. The tension pays off. At RTO Mentor we’re proud of the tension we create in the education process. We build it from the start, realising that education is never about easy access to information, it’s about the forward motion of learning. It is important to us that you are part of the journey. It is important that you understand why things are done, and how to fix them. So if your still considering setting up your own RTO, then the hesitation comes from knowing that a process of tension works. That the unknown is right over there, and to get yourself there, you have to walk through a few months’ worth of tension. That’s the best way I know to learn. And so that’s the way we assist you through the RTO process. When setting up your RTO, whether it’s working through the online course, the RTO Success, or having a mentor assist you through the process. Our aim is to get you compliant, and in that process there will be tension.

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So how are you going to set up your RTO?

Have you analysed your opposition enough to develop the strategy to set your RTO apart? 

Let me know your thoughts by sharing your comments below.

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