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The Challenge for RTO Business Owners

RTO Business Owners

RTO Business owners are busy people.  We know the benefits of having your own  business, providing you with your own choices, yet it also brings with it pressure. And left unchecked this pressure can be the demise of your RTO business. I don’t want that to happen, and I am sure you also don’t want that to happen. So having spoken to many RTO business owners who are struggling, or finding times challenging, I have put togther some simple actions you can do today.   

In an online survey I read recently 60% of business owners said they would like to have more time over less work. 80% said they wanted more freedom. Don’t become a statistic, take action today. Make a small change now that could change your life forever (for better).  


Firstly, let’s look at the ugency. 

As a business owner, you’re most likely inundated with urgent tasks every day. Getting everything done on time is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you.

Create lists

Business overwhelm
Write lists

Just over a month ago I would have said look at your 90 day plan. Today I want you to look at the next 30 days.

Start making lists to prioritise your tasks and plan properly. By staying organized, you will have more time and convenience to juggle work and personal commitments.

Then once a month, go back to your list to see outstanding tasks that require your immediate attention. Or even to cross off the ones that actually didn’t even need doing.

Meditation or Breathing

When you feel over whelmed. STOP working. Stand up, and walk away from your desk.

Take 3 deep breathes, thinking only about the breaths. Stand for 3 minutes without moving. Visualise your day and getting 3 important tasks done. Consider what happens first, what happens next, and so on. This process sounds too simple to be effective, and yet it is very powerful. In fact more and more successful entrepreneurs practice daily breathing rituals. 


Support yourself

Get out of your business, away from your computer, and connect with others. Connecting with others is a primal need in humans, so we need to do it. So often we connect via a computer, yet face to face is more powerful. Prepare ways to talk to others and ask some really great questions, so that they feel heard.

Another solution is to get yourself a business coach. If you are wanting to grow your RTO and get guarenteed results, then a business coach is invaluable. 



Break each project task in smaller chunks and allocate time in your diary to get it done. Chunking allows you to feel progress. Allocate 90 minute blocks of time for the top 3 tasks each day. After 90 minutes get up and stretch. It gets your endorphins flowing, and reactivates your brain, whilst also stretching your legs.  Delegate


As a business owner, you are going to have countless responsibilities and many different roles to play. Taking on more than you can do is perhaps one of the most overwhelming parts of your job. Consider what you can delegate to someone else – think about virtual assistants – they come with so many skills, and can always help in some way.

It may be difficult to relinquish control, but by delegating some of your more mundane tasks, you have the opportunity to work on what really matters. Along with transferring some of your activities to other people, you should look for ways to automate activities and find methods to streamline some of your more time-consuming processes. Not only will you have more time for the important tasks, but you will also be able to complete them more thoroughly.

The in betweeners

Create a list of small items that can be achieved in about 2 or 3 minutes. Write this list somewhere that is accessible most times. Then when you are waiting for a client to turn up, or for the internet to process something; look at the list. Tick off 1 or 2 items. This habit will make you way more productive, and use your time diligently.


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People who exercise regularly experience better brain function, reduced mental health burden, and reduced risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Sixteen weeks of regular exercise is as effective as antidepressant medication in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.

The positive effects of exercise impacts the brain and are likely the result of a combination of:

  • Exercise sparks the recovery process and leaves our bodies and minds stronger and more resilient to future stress.
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Brain Plasticity allows learning and memory retention.
  • Encourages social engagement.
  • Exercise promotes neural health and survival.
  • Builds muscle mass and prevents muscle loss with ageing (sarcopenia)
  • Improves heart health and reduces risk of vascular disease.
  • Reduces the risk and severity of cognitive decline and dementia.

Know Your Peaks and troughs

At what time of day are you the most focused? Use this time for the task that require your total concentration and ability.

At what time of the day or week are you most creative? Use this time to work on your content and marketing efforts.

When are you the most scatter-brained? Use this time for the most mundane, easy to accomplish tasks on your to do list.

Knowing your typical peaks and troughs throughout the day will help you to manage your time better. Flow is a psychological state that you find yourself doing something you love, and time flies past quickly.

When you’re in state of flow you:

  • Intensely and completely focus on the present moment and the task at hand
  • Forget about yourself, others, and the world around you
  • Feel a complete sense of control or mastery over the situation or activity
  • Lose all sense of time
  • Complete the task because the task itself is intrinsically rewarding.

Plan your weekly schedule so you fit your own biorhythms and produce better quality work that you can feel good about.

Write it Down

Carrying everything around with you in your head is a sure fire way to end up overwhelmed. Write down your thoughts, reminders, and ideas throughout the day. I use the notes section on my phone. Having things out of your head and committed somewhere you can reach can help to quiet the chaos in your head. Often this process also allows you to see it for what it is, and to realise that it’s not as monstrous as it seemed when it was in your head. Look back on the list at the end of the day and distribute the items to their proper destination, such as to your to-do list, or your reminder app, or a specific project file.


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