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This journey as an RTO is a joint journey – you can’t just sit back and watch it happen

Your RTO Success comes from the effort of you and your team. Recently I was reading an article written by a fellow consultant about the new Trainer and Assessor TAE requirements. My take on the article was he was frustrated that the new TAE requirements (from 2019) are not stringent enough. I get where he is coming from, but I also believe we can’t just rely on the Government to make things happen for us.

My belief is it is a combined approach. We all have a role in improving our sector, improving the standard of training, assessment, and the reputation of our industry. It doesn’t matter if you are managing an RTO, part of the RTO team, or a consultant you are needed to assist everyone to understand the value we all bring to society.

Stepping up

Yes; People need to step up and take responsibility for the pivotal role they play as a trainer / assessor. Not only do they need to be on top of their game as far as industry is concerned, but also in having VET knowledge. This is definitely an area that falls down in the many T/A I meet in my role as an RTO consultant.

What I see in RTOs is there are typically 2 types of T/A working: 1. The person who uses the RTOs materials and doesn’t have a say in the development of them, and therefore is lacking in compliance knowledge. 2. The person who is instrumental in the development of tools/materials. These people are creating assessment tools, and/or training materials, and yes they need some really strong knowledge in understanding how to meet the training package and the Standards for RTOs.

As a leader in the VET industry we need to lead from the front. We need to show what it is to have the knowledge and skills, and how it can improve your student’s outcome. That means all of us have to step up. This improved performance will have a crucial impact on the way customers perceive your brand, and our sector as a whole.

So how do we do this?

For me it is about helping those people to grow. By providing quality advice, workshops, articles and to assist them to realise the importance of understanding their role in the compliance of an RTO. I want to help everyone within an RTO. Each person needs to know how they fit within compliance, what they need to act upon, and how they need to help with their information (paperwork) to meet compliance. So my role is to help those people see their role, and meet compliance.

For others it is about providing leadership and communicating a clear message to motivate employees. It is important that the RTO culture genuinely enables and supports employees to give the best possible service, and meet compliance. Bring everyone together, appreciate them, let them understand where they fit in the bigger picture and allow to take responsibility for their role. You need to find the time to show appreciation for your people, because if you don’t your people will find someone else who will find the time.

Regardless of which group T/A fall (in the above explanation) I believe that providing strong leadership in validation sessions to all of your Trainers and Assessors is essential. It provides them with knowledge and understanding of how to meet the Standards for RTOs, how to improve the student experience, growth opportunities and the list goes on. The new qualification requirements is just a part of the new journey these people need to be making.

We can all help.  

Meeting trainer and assessor requirements

Requirements for all trainers and assessors As part of the Standards, an RTO’s training and assessment may only be delivered by trainers and assessors who: have current industry skills directly relevant to the training and assessment undertake relevant professional development (Standard 1.16).
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