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RTO and Business Coach

What is the future for RTOs in 2019 and beyond?

The training function within the RTO must be at the centre of this evolution, with skilled learning professionals leading the way. We are the experts, and we need to show everyone else how things are done. 

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RTO Consultant RTO Mentor

Feedback, coaching and learning in your RTO

Giving feedback is just as beneficial as receiving feedback, because it makes us think, reflect, and consider other views as well. How do you use feedback?
Are you reflective? Or do you dismiss it as someone having a bad day?
Here Merinda considers ways for you to use it to your advantage.

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RTO assessment RTO Mentor

Collecting your assessment evidence (Updated April 2021)

This post looks at your assessment systems, tools and evidnce to be collected. All important aspects of your RTO compliance. It has been updated in April 2021, and is current to the auditng needs.

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Training assessment strategy

Training and Assessment strategies – getting them right (Updated Mar2021)

Your TAS document that you present says nothing in particular and was put together just to meet and audit many moons ago. The big thing is, it is NOT compliant now. It hasn’t been updated and this means during your next audit it wont pass. You need to make changes to it right now.

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RTO Assessor RTO Mentor

This journey as an RTO is a joint journey – you can’t just sit back and watch it happen

Your RTO Success comes from the effort of you and your team. Recently I was reading an article written by a fellow consultant about the new Trainer and Assessor TAE requirements.

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