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The comment areas of non-compliance from recent RTO internal audits

In my experience RTO internal audits are a great opportunity for everyone to step back and honestly appraise what they do, and why they do it.  They are a time to reflect and tell someone from the outside what is happening, and to take a good hard look at how things are going, and how things can be improved.  Take this time to discuss with your colleagues your trainers/assessors, and your students and ask them what is happening. Ask them open-ended questions.  Consider the customer have a discussion and analysis, not an inspection.  So let’s say yes to internal audits to enable you to raise your head above the everyday busy-ness of business and get creative.

The last couple of months have been crazy assisting RTOs with Internal Audits, and looking back I can clearly see some commonalities that have been occurring. So I wanted to give you the heads up – so you can get your RTO back on track. Firstly many of the RTO haven’t had an audit from a regulator in a couple of years. That means they have had a few years to implement the new RTO Standards (2015). Sadly though, not many have updated their systems. They continue to deliver the same training product, and take care of the students in the way they know best.

These RTOs all believe they are doing a great job. Luckily for them, they got RTO Mentor out to enable them to rectify where they were falling down.

So here are the common areas that need to be updated: RTO internal audits

  • Student information
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Training and assessment strategies
  • Assessment tools
  • Resources
  • Trainers and assessors currency / vocational competence

So if you are concerned about any of those areas, have a good hard look at the Standards and see if you meet the needs.

Continuous improvement of RTO systems is an area that RTO’s often fall down in according to my conversations with accrediting bodies. It is about taking a really hard look at your practices and relating them back to the RTO Standards. For me I applaud any RTO that routinely asks itself the hard questions.

RTO Mentor provides internal auditing services. We review your information and provide you with understanding of what is actually needed. We have a wealth of auditing experience, and regularly assist RTOs to meet non-compliance. That means we are current in our knowledge of what is needed.

Call us today to book your internal audit.

RTO internal audits


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