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How to allow your RTO to thrive

You are passionate about your industry, you want to help people. So you decided to have an RTO. You knew that by becoming an RTO you can help one person at a time. You got your registration and you started to deliver your training. Your clients come in small doses, and you still love helping others, yet are you still having fun?

Maybe not, maybe it’s becoming too hard. Your business needs to pay you a profit, and when it doesn’t do that the fun dries up. You become stressed, and you stop loving your business. When you have a system in place to drive clients to your door, the fun keeps going and help more people.

You can help more people for longer when your business is solvent. This reduces your stress, and allows you the time and energy to care about your business, your staff and stakeholders.

Marketing your business is a key component of its operations. It is through your marketing consistently that your receive students. With all the systems required to set up in your RTO, so often marketing systems are missed. Marketing involves all aspects of someone never hearing about your services, to signing them up, delivering the course and then having those satisfied students telling others about your amazing courses. This of course is called word-of-mouth marketing – it’s free and when done well it can help your business to boom.

One of the observations I’ve made whilst working with RTOs is this whole process of marketing is not being considered. The RTO Standards say your RTO must honour all commitments made in any marketing or advertising materials. All information on any advertising or marketing material referring to your RTO and training and assessment must be accurate. People manage to do this, mostly, yet they neglect having a marketing system.

Another observation is RTO’s love to deliver their courses to ‘everyone”. Yet the reality is when you niche down and only deliver your courses to a specific sector, you actually become known for that, and get more clients. Let me explain, when you have a leadership qualification on scope you can market to everyone. Yet if you marketed just to the plumbing sector it enables you to be super clear about how you serve your audience. You then become known within the value you bring to the sector with your leadership courses. You market just to them, increase your profits because you are not marketing to everyone; and they talk about you – in a positive way. This reduces your marketing costs, increases your trust and credibility and reduces your competition. WIN, WIN, WIN.

Communication with your stakeholders will help you find out where your niche is. It also needs to be a part of your marketing system. You need to know what they want. You need to be regularly asking them simple questions like

  • What do they actually want?
  • What has changed since I last asked you?
  • How long should the course be?
  • What problems are they facing right now?
  • What specifics do they need training in?

Continuously improving your approach to regulation will help your clients, students and your RTO compliance.

NCVER reports that micro credentials are on the rise. This means working with the qualifications you have already on scope, and maybe selecting just one or maybe two units and creating a course for your clients where their greatness needs are.

Develop a system for your marketing that includes a process for this whole client experience will allow your RTO to be successful. Going from not knowing about you to having testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing. Include in your process how you cover off on all the requirements of your RTO Standards. Systematic monitoring and evaluation provides your RTO self-assurance.

Managing your risk is about having a systematic approach and critically examining your approach. You need to demonstrate how you monitor your systems, and this includes your marketing.

Give yourself a strategy that is going to move your RTO forward.

If you need some help, then I can be there to support you. Book in for a discovery call – it’s a free 15 minute online call.  

What are you going to do over the next 6, 12 months to ensure you are complaint, and have a sustainable business?

If you need some help, then I can be there to support you.

Book in for a discovery call – it’s a free 15 minute online call.

Strategy planning

Move from being exhausted and lacking clarity and focus to investing to get help. Designed to help you shine light on the urgent and the essential gaps in your business.  


Looking at all your data points to establish what you need right now


How are you and staff operating? How can you move your needle?


what operational areas are you wekk in? 

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