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Setting up an RTO?

Setting up an RTO? Research questions answered

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Business Checklist

This is the time to take a look at your systems, your processes and your business message to your clients and potential clients. 

Download the FREE checklist here, and give your business a work out. 

RTO Checklist

RTO Business Planning

The RTO Business Plan acts as a dynamic management tool that can be used for regular monitoring, or to meet RTO application requirements. Our Business plan template is designed with RTO operations in mind and covers:

⏩ Executive Summary  ⏩ Background & Purpose ⏩ Business Goals, ⏩ SWOT ⏩ Sales Targets ⏩ Operational Milestones ⏩ Marketing Planning ⏩ Operational Structure

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Your Assessment system needs a variety of assessment evidence

Assessment systems are incremental in your RTO. There should be method in your madness when developing them. Meaning you should consider the student, the length of the course and any other factors that need to be considered for your learners. When collecting assessment evidence is isn’t just to show the end result.

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Are you considering setting up an RTO?

Setting up an RTO starts with planning. The foundation of a successful RTO service is really understanding the demographics that the service appeals to. Who are the people you will attract into your RTO? Where do they live, who do they interact with; are they old, young, men, women; do they enjoy certain activities?

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