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5 Invisible forces holding you back

When you share your truth, growth happens. When you are STUCK your growth STOPS. Highly-competent leaders have an ability to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. This FREE e-book helps you to identify what’s going on, you then can you implement change. ONLY when you know can it make the change to become a better leader. Learn what’s holding you in your leadership journey back.

I’ve created a FREE E-BOOK for you to help you get UNstuck.

Do you have limiting beliefs keeping you stuck?

I had those for many years, and I know it stemmed from my years fighting against corporate norms of men are better than women, and to be a good leader you needed experience. You see when I started my leadership journey I was in my early 20’s, a women (strange as it may seem J) and I was working for male dominated industries. I’m not one to walk away so I fought to show I was a good leader, and I learnt as much as I could in leadership.

What I didn’t realise at the time was my mindset, my beliefs and the stories I told myself were stopping me form moving forward. Even when I tried to blame other (I know, I’ve been there too).

It wasn’t until when I was in my mid 30’s that I realised mindset was a powerful force in life, and I had the control. 

My beliefs had me staying stuck it was all there imposter syndrome, fear of success, fear of worth, fear of being an expert. It wasn’t until I started on a 10+ year journey of self-discovery that I realised the tools that can help others.

Being in business and wanting to be successful requires you to clear up your stuff.

If you have the vision of serving others, than who are you to not show up?

What is your block?

Some of the blocks I’ve seen are –

👩🏻 what if they don’t like me?

👼🏻 Perfectionism – constantly doing more on a project to just get it right.

💰 A ceiling of comfort around ‘having money’

🎅🏻 Imposter syndrome, questioning what you have to share.

💲 Charging little or no money for valuable services – what if they won’t buy from me?

What if it’s possible to remove those blocks? 

Maybe your limiting beliefs are helping support you in your beliefs…

Helping to keep your business small…and helping you to avoid playing a bigger game

Yet I want to ask you “are you ready to remove those blocks?”

What does the $100k version of you look like…think, act and feel. What does this new person actually do?

Is that something that resonates with you?

If so, ask me how I can help.

Because I have the tools to help you release those blocks.

I know that once you believe it is possible, and you own it. Then success happens.

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