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For years I’ve been working with people who wish to meet compliance and grow their RTO business.

It is harder than ever to get your RTO across the line for initial registration. Therefore I highly recommend you work with a consultant who has years of experience and who wishes to share that experience with you.

Hello I’m Merinda Smith, from RTO Mentor and I mentor and coach people just like you to understand the RTO compliance for initial registration, AND to grow your business. I want you to have a profitable business when you are registered, so for me, it’s not just about passing the initial registration. It’s about knowing how to run your business once is up and going.

I work with people who have a passion to make a change in their industry, and action takers.

If you’d like to discuss your proposed RTO with me, please fill in the form below so that we can have a discussion and see if we are the right fit to work together.

What others say about working with Merinda...

We went to Merinda to set-up an RTO. Merinda provided valuable assistance, online learning and resources to guide us along the way. She took the time to follow up on numerous occasions to see how I was tracking with my initial RTO registration. Her patience and totally clarity has been appreciated.  Merinda’s professionalism, knowledge and support documents have been exceptional.


We reached out to Merinda to assist me in understanding how to run the RTO and manage the compliance. At the time I was new into the role, and as a trainer, I had not been part of the compliance team. Merinda’s consultation took place every second month for four hours. We went through everything about the RTO and getting more students. Merinda was always prepared with the continual changes to the VET sector and RTO requirements. She was able to guide me to matters that specifically affect our core business and areas of expertise.




Cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and assistance !!!!!

Now the hard work starts 😊
I am currently overseas so will speak to you next week!!





RTO Mentor has been instrumental in assisting me with all aspects of RTO compliance and the application process. I have found Merinda’s knowledge to be extremely valuable and everything has been delivered methodically, efficiently and in easy to understand terms.

I find that Merinda can point out any issues or downfalls along with a solution to address them in a way that improves the process and my knowledge. All in all, I’ve found working with RTO Mentor to be exceptionally easy, helpful and productive.


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