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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have your own RTO business? Where you can issue nationally recognised qualifications, tap into the market of providing skills to workers.  A business that becomes that vital cog for the workforce and industry. You know that training increases job satisfaction and motivation among employees.

Hello I’m Merinda Smith from RTO Mentor.

Based on our experience and research the people who make it as an RTO do it in 3 distinct ways. I’d like to share that with you.

So if you are looking having an RTO business where you deliver those important skills to workers where you have a reputable organisation who delivers quality training, and an organisation that allows you to collect funding. Then maybe an RTO is right for you.

Here are a couple of solutions Merinda can help you with today

RTO Success online course

RTO Set - Up Online Course

Merinda has put her expertise of helping 1000's of business people set up an RTO into an online course. There are TWO options: 🛒 As a package with the RTO Policies, procedures & systems or, 🛒 As a stand alone online course complete with video, templates and action items.

Business Coach

Contact Merinda to discuss mentoring options

Merinda offers bespoke mentoring solutions to support you as you develop and grow the RTO business. She takes you through a step-by-step process to ensure your application is ready. As a qualified auditor ✔✔✔ she reviews your documents as you go, so that your application is an RTO Success. Fill in the form below to discuss this solution further.

What others say about working with Merinda...

Your conversations increased engagement

Merinda provided a 2 day validation workshop for our team; mentoring and coaching us through the process of validation, TAS and assessments. It was very powerful and the conversations increased engagement of the trainers and assessors, which in turn increased our productivity. Each of us were supported by our manager and Merinda’s guidance and coaching allowing us more ownership of the assessment process. Whilst there are small changes to take place, we now know we have a quality product and students will be able to perform work tasks well.
Ken (ASQA RTO) – Validation session in our RTO (NSW)

Merinda worked to get the material so it was usuable and the it made sense

We did it! – got through the rushed NC audit!
Sally (QLD RTO) came to us with an urgent need to pass her second attempt at getting her RTO compliant. She had been using another consultant, and nothing made sense. The information provided wasn’t making sense to the training staff, nor the auditor. RTO Mentor came in to the office and worked to get the material so it was usuable and the it made sense to the auditor. Mentoring of the staff took place so everything made sense. They passed the final submission following our support.

Merinda is excellent to work with

Merinda was able to guide us through our ASQA audit where we passed with no non-compliance’s. Merinda is excellent to work with and fit into our tea really well. I would recommend Merinda to other RTO’s.
Suzanne (ASQA RTO)

Well-informed and educated

Our experience working with F4 solutions was positive, Merinda was well-informed and educated in the VET industry, any updates and developments. Merinda was very thorough when reviewing our policies and procedures, and the material we offered. She offered great advice and pointed us in the right direction towards maintaining compliance. We passed our audit following her visits.
Jennifer – RTO Compliance

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