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RTO Internal Audit

Recommending someone can be awkward

Sometimes we understand that recommending someone can be awkward. In the distant past I recall having mental roadblocks, and not knowing the right things to say. Back then it was easier to just keep my mouth shut than to feel uncomfortable. Then I started my business and realised the value in complimenting others. 

So today I want to rave about some of the fantastic RTOs I have been visiting recently. yes rave – they are really trying to offer their particpants something that can assist them going forward. 

Here’s what one of our clients said about us: 

RTO Internal Audit

Good Day, Merinda,

I hope this finds you well. Thank you for your email, yes we manage to pass the Audit. 

I must thank you as well for the guidance and support.

Please, stay in touch. Have a great a day ahead.

Kind Regards,

Director of Studies

We believe getting feedback keeps us on our toes. It is important that we hear from our clients.  Sometimes feedback isn’t 100% positive, showing us that scatoma – the blind spot we can’t see, so collecting feedback is a great learning experience.

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