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Seeking connection from a distance

RTO Business development
We still need connection

We are all seeking connection and we need leadership in the crisis. We care to care, have compassion, and not buy into the limiting beliefs of others.

Building relationships …

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It’s time to rise up as RTO leaders.

Panic is contagious; but so is leadership within your RTO business. 

With my 30+ years of watching the best leaders handle a crisis, I’ve created a series of practical tips to help you in your business.  I’ll …

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Changes to USI need to record student consent.

RTO mentor

The new Privacy Notice no longer requires Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to collect and keep a record of student consent. RTOs are still required to provide the Privacy Notice to all students at enrolment. The new format removes the need …

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Are you frustrated just like me?

We all get countless emails across our desks on how to meet RTO compliance. Yet how do you know and trust the person that sends you the email? As a consultant, I speak to many people who have been burnt …

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