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RTO Initial Registration result

What others say about working with RTO Mentor over the years. Words from people who achieved RTO Inital registration using RTO Mentor, who have had internal audits, and had coaching with Merinda. See them here.

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RTO Business Coach

Simple 1% improvements for your RTO success

When it comes to streamlining work and reducing waste in a business, the continuous improvement business strategy is lauded for its effectiveness. So I’ve put together some ideas for you to consider how it can be applied to your business.

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RTO Consultant RTO Mentor

Recommending someone can be awkward

Today I want to rave about some of the fantastic RTOs I have been visiting recently. YES rave – they are really trying to offer their participants something that can assist them going forward. It is these RTOs that help keep the great name for training in Australia.

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RTO set Up WA RTO Mentor

Are you considering setting up an RTO?

Setting up an RTO starts with planning. The foundation of a successful RTO service is really understanding the demographics that the service appeals to. Who are the people you will attract into your RTO? Where do they live, who do they interact with; are they old, young, men, women; do they enjoy certain activities?

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RTO Consultant RTO Mentor

Are you frustrated just like me?

The industry is changing rapidly, some would complain and argue about it, others are grateful of the changes. The fact is we need to be on a continuous learning journey. All of us, VET consultants as well.

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RTO Business Coach

Changes to USI need to record student consent.

The new RTO Privacy Notice no longer requires Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to collect and keep a record of student consent. RTOs are still required to provide the RTO Privacy Notice to all students at enrolment. The new format removes the need to record and report student consent, making the enrolment process simpler.

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RTO Consultant RTO Mentor

Using an RTO Consultant

Have you been searching for an RTO consultant?
This morning I heard another similar story to 3 others I heard in the past 2 days. Where the person had paid a large amount of money to an RTO consultant and had got a raw deal.

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RTO Set Up and RTO Business Coach

Speaking for our sector

It is my belief that skills-based training should be given a higher funding priority, to turbocharge its development to catch up with the current needs of industry. 

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Business Coach RTO Coach and mentor

Don’t risk your RTO registration

Your RTO registration is reliant on 5 key steps. See how ASQA supports you with their checklist.

ASQA has provided a printable checklist to ensure RTO providers can stay current with key 2019 dates.

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