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RTO Initial Registration result

What others say about working with RTO Mentor over the years. Words from people who achieved RTO Inital registration using RTO Mentor, who have had internal audits, and had coaching with Merinda. See them here.

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Are you frustrated just like me?

The industry is changing rapidly, some would complain and argue about it, others are grateful of the changes. The fact is we need to be on a continuous learning journey. All of us, VET consultants as well.

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RTO Compliance

4 out of 5 people don’t pass their initial RTO registration audit when doing it all themselves, here’s how to avoid being one of them.

When you decide to become an RTO there is allot for you to consider. RTO set up is no longer an easy process where you decide to have an RTO, apply the next day, become registered in a few months, and start your business.

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RTO mentor made sense of all the RTO jargon and gave it meaning in the real world

“RTO mentor was pragmatic in their approach and made sense of all the RTO jargon and gave it meaning in the real world” Helen Walton – testimonial. When unsolicited emails come from past cleints it is always such a pleasure. Especially when they are complimenting the services provided by RTO Mentor. I am so grateful for my clients, the lessons they share with me and the life gifts that these clients and the world presents. Validation PD session – Liz – ASQA RTO Hey Merinda – I have been meaning to get back to you earlier to tell you there was great feedback from the workshop that you ran for us at our RTO – the guys really liked your style and the way you could apply your knowledge to their technical knowhow. For me I really needed that direction and having been on one of your courses and now had you facilitate got the trainers in that workshop – I would have to say you are a pro at tailoring your approach the for your audience. I have had to do that a lot in my roles over the years and I always thought I was pretty good at shifting to suit the audience but I must say – even I could learn from you with the way you seamlessly talked the talked and then talked their talk if that makes sense. I can’t thank you enough and Sam, our CEO has received the same feedback as well. New RTO – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your guidance and knowledge of RTO compliance. You made the process so easy for us, and I can say you are an excellent mentor and coach. We passed and hope we continue to do business together. Keep in touch. Vinnie

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